An architect and photographer based in Mumbai, I have been freelance writing since 2007 for newspapers and magazines, in a variety of formats - short articles, travelogues, feature length articles etc - in print and on the web.

My forte lies in travel writing, which for me is a powerful tool to expand our horizons and appreciate the diversity of histories, geographies & cultures of our world. I have had a range of travel experiences – from luxurious star hotels to mid-night hitchhiking – and my enthusiasm is limited to not only experiencing the versatility of travel but also helping others discover and experience what travel is all about.

With a background in architecture and photography, I am also passionate about cities & urban histories, design and the arts. My writing pieces are supplemented by high quality visual imagery that complements the writing and completes the story being told.

Click the thumbnails below to view PDFs of the articles. Get in touch with me at kunal.n.bhatia[at]